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Tooth Extractions in Spring TX

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If you find that you need a tooth or two extracted, having it removed at Spring Complete Care Dentistry will insure it is the best choice and done right.

At Spring Complete Care Dentistry, we want you to enjoy a healthy, happy smile for as long as possible, and we do all we can to help you preserve the health of your natural teeth. It’s always preferred to restore the tooth, if possible. However, there are times when we’ve looked at every possible solution, and removal of the tooth is the healthiest, most sensible option.

Reasons for a tooth extraction:

Pulling a tooth is a last resort when there are no other viable means to restore your oral health because teeth are too badly damaged due to disease, decay, or trauma — and cannot be saved by Root Canal treatment. Extractions can also be helpful for making space in the mouth for orthodontic treatment, when the mouth does not have space for the tooth, or in the case of pediatric patients, to allow room for permanent teeth. A tooth may also be extracted to prepare for the placement of a dental implant. 


There are five primary reasons why a tooth extraction may be necessary.

  • Other options for saving a severely damaged or decayed tooth have been exhausted.
  • When there’s simply not enough space for your teeth to grow in proper alignment because of overcrowding.
  • A tooth is severely Infected and cannot be treated any other way.
  • When advanced periodontal disease has caused loosening of the teeth because the jaw bone can no longer support them.
  • Wisdom teeth that are impacted or threatening neighboring teeth.

After your exam, Dr. Tan will discuss your treatment options and determine if having a tooth extracted is the best course of action for you. If you do need a tooth pulled, we take every care to make sure it’s as quick and painless as possible. 


How can I avoid needing an extraction?

Some of these conditions, like tooth decay or some gum diseases, can be avoided through preventative care like regular exams and cleanings. If plaque and tartar aren’t regularly removed from your teeth, they can lead to cavities and other oral health issues. 

When you visit our office for an affordable, simple dental exam, Dr. Tan will be able to identify any possible problems. When potential issues are spotted early, extractions can often be avoided. If a tooth extraction is recommended, Dr. Tan will  walk you through each step of the process. 


What is a tooth extraction?

A Tooth extraction, simply put, is the removal of a tooth from the mouth.

An extraction is a common dental procedure that consists of removing the entire tooth — the crown which is the visible part of the tooth, and the tooth’s roots from its socket.

There are two types of extractions. Regular tooth extraction and surgical tooth extraction. Which kind is right for you will depend on the situation we are looking to fix.

  • Simple tooth extraction: This is a basic, minimally invasive procedure to lift your whole tooth out of its socket, and is performed when the tooth is above the gumline and can be easily removed with a lifter and forceps. This may be used for a tooth that is broken but is still above the gumline, or if your teeth are crowded and removal is necessary to facilitate proper alignment or orthodontic treatment.


  • Surgical Tooth Extraction: A surgical extraction, a form of oral surgery, is a bit more of an involved procedure and may be required when a damaged tooth has broken below the gumline, or when a wisdom tooth is impacted and is partially or completely covered by gum tissue. A tiny incision is made along your gum line to expose the tooth. After the tooth has been removed, the incision is closed using sutures.


What to Expect

X-rays will be taken to view your tooth in its entirety, and Dr. Tan will perform a thorough oral exam and create a customized treatment plan. Based on the results of the exam, an extraction may be recommended.

Before the procedure begins, we’ll numb your tooth, jaw bone, and gums that surround the area with a local anesthetic to reduce your pain and discomfort. 

During the extraction process, you will feel pressure. This is from the process of firmly rocking the tooth in order to widen the socket for removal. Dr. Tan will work gently and carefully to apply even pressure, ensuring the process is quick and painless as possible. You will not feel the pain of the tooth being pulled because the area is thoroughly numbed. 

Once the tooth has been removed, a gauze pack will be placed on the extraction site to limit bleeding. This will also help a blood clot to form, which is an important first step in the natural healing process. 

After your procedure, we may provide you with medication to keep you comfortable while you heal . We will also give you detailed aftercare instructions to make sure the area heals properly and quickly. The area will remain numb for several hours after your procedure. So be careful not to accidentally bite the inside of your cheeks, your tongue, or lips.

If you have any of the following issues after your tooth extraction surgery, call us immediately:

  • Fever or vomiting
  • Severe pain, swelling, and bleeding
  • Worsening pain


Help! I don’t want to have a gap where a tooth should be!

Losing a tooth can have a major effect on your dental health and a significant impact on quality of life and self-confidence. The good news is there are options such as bridges, dentures, and dental implants that you can fill that space with after an extraction.

Your comfort comes first:

While it’s common to feel uneasy about tooth extraction, Dr. Tan will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the process.

 Let us know if you are anxious about your extraction, or if you have experienced dental anxiety in the past, and we’ll be happy to walk you through your options such as Nitrous Oxide or oral sedation. 

While a tooth extraction is an understandably daunting prospect, there really is nothing to worry about when an experienced and trusted professional, like Dr. Jeff Tan, DDS, is putting our advanced tools and extensive training to work for you. He has safely and effectively performed many extractions for both adults and children.

With our friendly staff and affordable prices, we make it easy for you and your family to get the dental care you need.

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