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Dental Bleaching in Spring TX

Bleaching Teeth Whitening
Looking for a brighter, whiter smile? Let Dr. Tan explain your options to you regarding bleaching or whitening your teeth with a peroxide-based gel.

Dental bleaching, also called teeth whitening, is a common, safe procedure whereby a peroxide-based gel is applied to teeth either directly in an office-based procedure or through a custom-fit, carrier tray. Through these methods, the gel sticks onto the teeth and safely bleaches away external stains accumulated from food, drinks, smoking, etc. If done correctly, this procedure can noticeably whiten and restore teeth to their natural pearl-white shade or even more!

Patient Loyalty Program

If you are a patient who has been with our office for two complete hygiene maintenance periods (six months each, total of one year), make sure that you inquire with us on our Patient Loyalty Program where we will fabricate a set of FREE, custom bleaching trays (top and bottom) for you along with two FREE syringes of bleaching gel as a starter kit. Just our way of showing appreciation for our patients and providing a reward for those who take care of their teeth!

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