Periodontal Dental Services

Your Dentist for Periodontal Dental Services in Spring, Texas

Spring Complete Care Dentistry provides gentle, periodontal (gum) dental services to help our patients in the Spring, Texas area maintain optimum oral health. Dr. Tan works with patients on oral heath, while providing scaling and root planing (deep cleaning), pocket reduction therapy and crown lengthening.

Scaling and Root Planing (deep cleaning)

Scaling Root Planing
Scaling and Root Planing is commonly called deep cleaning and is only considered when regular cleaning techniques can’t reach affected areas.

Scaling and Root Planing, also known as deep cleaning, is the process of removing dental calculus, (which can cause inflammation, gum disease and undesirable aesthetics), below the gumline. We recommend a deep cleaning to patients when their X-rays show bone loss and their full-mouth exam reveals one or more gum pockets >4 millimeters deep. Regular periodic cleanings and good oral hygiene can help prevent the need for this procedure. After a scaling and root planing is rendered, we typically allow 6 – 8 weeks foe the gums to heal and then re-evaluate the results.

Pocket Reduction Therapy

Pocket Reduction Therapy
Pocket Reduction Therapy reaches the deepest areas around a tooth and surgically alters the area, removing pockets that can harbor harmful bacteria in the future.

Pocket Reduction Therapy or Flap Surgery, is recommended when the tissues around the teeth are unhealthy and cannot be repaired with nonsurgical options such as Scaling and Root Planing. During the Pocket Reduction Therapy procedure, the patient’s gums are lifted back and all tartar around the teeth are removed. In some instances, irregular surfaces of damaged bone are smoothed out to eliminate places where disease-causing bacteria can gather. The patient’s gums are then sutured back to fit snugly around the teeth.

Crown Lengthening

Scaling Root PlaningCrown Lengthening is a commonly performed dental procedure which removes a small amount of gum tissue and bone to expose more of a targeted tooth. Crown Lengthening is usually performed when a tooth needs a crown, since sometimes there is not enough of the tooth exposed above the gumline to support a restoration.