Dental Crowns

Tooth Caps in Spring TX

Anterior Dental Crowns on Teeth
There are several reasons to professionally crown a tooth. A great reason for choosing Spring Complete Care Dentistry is getting your crown done right.

In cases where aesthetic demands are high and veneers are not a viable option, crowns can be just as good an alternative. These cosmetic crowns are also all-porcelain and look just as good as veneers, with the attractiveness of a natural, healthy and white tooth coupled with the added strength of full coverage. The drawback, of course, is that since a crown covers the entire tooth, the tooth preparation will necessarily be a bit more aggressive than veneers. However, in patients with proven occlusal stress, crowns are the only viable long-term option.

Dr. Tan works closely with a high-quality, local dental laboratory to achieve the most desirable aesthetic result. This is accomplished by sending the patient directly to the laboratory for custom shading by experienced technicians so that the final restoration(s) is as closely matched, as possible, to the rest of the dentition for a seamless appearance!