Dental Bridges

Fixed Partial Denture in Spring TX

Dental Bridges
Reshaping teeth and constructing custom Dental Bridges combines dental craftmanship and artistic talent. Dr. Tan’s custon dental bridges fit, work and look awesome.

Missing a tooth or two? A Dental Bridge, also know as a Fixed Partial Denture (FPD), is a customized dental prosthesis used to replace one or more missing teeth. It is usually supported by two or more natural-existing, healthy teeth adjacent to the missing space.

A Dental Bridge is fixed in place and cannot be removed, once cemented into place. The concept is simple to understand. At least two crowns on natural, healthy teeth flanking the missing space are connected by custom-made replacement teeth called pontics. The natural teeth used to support the pontics are called abutments. A common example of a Dental Bridge is one that replaces one missing tooth and uses three parts: two abutments and one pontic.

Depending on the patient’s unique circumstances, a Dental Bridge can replace multiple teeth if necessary. It is important to not allow the abutment teeth to become overloaded by expecting them to support too many replacement teeth, or have the bridge cover an excessive distance. A bridge is a good option for a patient wanting to replace a few teeth while combining cosmetics and cost.

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