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Cosmetic Dental Veneers in Spring TX

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We have the option of offering quality crafted tooth colored dental veneers at our office. Call to learn more!

Dental veneers are thin, all-porcelain pieces of restoration that are bonded directly to just the frontal surfaces of teeth. This means that preparation is more conservative than a crown, and therefore more natural teeth structure is spared. However, veneers are only suitable in certain cases where grinding/clenching of the teeth is absent, and also where the bite is not edge-to-edge. In these scenarios where the biting force is unfavorable or excessive, veneers are contraindicated since strong biting forces can either dislodge a veneer from its tooth or fracture it.

Our dental office works closely with a high-quality, local dental laboratory to achieve the most desirable aesthetic result. This is accomplished by sending the patient directly to the laboratory for custom shading by experienced technicians so that the final restoration(s) is as closely matched, as possible, to the rest of the dentition for a seamless appearance!

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